Neuro & Interventional


Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley’s Neuro Interventional Department focuses on minimally invasive treatment of vascular diseases for the brain and spine.

Using advanced imaging and guidance techniques, diagnosis and treatment of many conditions affecting the brain and spine can be done by navigating catheters and devices through arteries and veins, without the need for open surgery.

Procedures Offered:

  • Brain Arteriovenous Malformation
  • Carotid Stent
  • Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment
  • Cerebral/Carotid Angiogram
  • Pain Injections
  • Preoperative Tumor Embolization
  • Spinal Angiogram
  • Transarterial Thrombectomy
  • Vertebrobasilar Angiogram
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Wada Testing